Hello there!

My name is Rafael Mejia. I'm a web developer specializing in html5, php, css3, and javascript/jquery, among other web technologies. I'm also a co-founder and lead developer of Brands & Things, a design and advertisement agency for services such as web design/development, print, film, and social media.

One of the first things you will probably notice about me: I'm a geek. I possess expert knowledge on movies, social media, and the latest cool neat things out there related to technology. I can pretty much come up with cool things on a need-to-build basis. I'm also in the process of developing apps for the iPhone/iPad.

On a more personal note, I'm into gadgets and anything cool the internet has to offer, indie music, geeky books, art, design, and different film formats.


  • Master of Fine Arts in Communication Design and Technology
  • Parsons School of Design
  • New York, NY
  • Graduation: 2007
  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Sciences
  • Universidad de Puerto Rico
  • Bayamon, PR
  • Graduation: 2004


  • Programming html, php, css, mysql, ms-sql, xml, ajax, javascript, objective C, applescript, processing
  • Web design/development lamp, mamp, wordpress, prototype, jquery, mootools, ftp, movable type
  • Applications coda, xcode, max/msp/jitter, photoshop, illustrator, after effects, processing
  • Other skills & interests iphone development, physical computing, toy design and creation process, game design knowledge, film, general geekery, sci-fi, time travel.

Portfolio & Resume

Stuff I've worked on...

Name: ICOM Agencies
Languages: PHP, MySQL, JS, CSS, XHTML
Tools: Wordpress, jQuery, Prototype

Description: In collaboration with the popular agency Arteaga & Arteaga, performed a website redesign and wordpress integration with customized functionalities, such as image banners, Twitter feed, and a customized CMS, allowing multiple ICOM agencies to manage their profile, media, and additional information.

Name: Amy Nieto Photography
Languages: PHP, JS, CSS
Tools: jQuery

Description: Built a portfolio website according to the needs and specifications of the client in order to better manage her photos and albums. Photos are filtered by categories and subsections.

Name: Bobby Pulis Industrial Sales
Languages: PHP, MYSQL, JS, CSS
Tools: jQuery, Mootools

Description: Built an informative website for a private company dedicated to selling safety wear and equipment for industrial workers. Administrative control panel with the ability to submit and update news.

Name: Oddcast
Tools: jQuery, Prototype

Description: Developed for two years as an employee for Oddcast, agency dedicated to the creation of avanced avatar technologies.

Name: Tecnetico.com
Languages: PHP, MySQL, CSS
Tools: Wordpress

Description: Worked on Tecnetico.com's Wordpress platform by coding and customizing the search page. Search results are filtered by parent categories.

Name: Ear to the Earth
Languages: DHTML, PHP, MySQL, CSS
Tools: Wordpress

Description: Main developer. Creation and implementation of a customized CMS, in which users and administrators could upload and manage sound files, posts, categories, search, tags, and announcements, among other features.

Other cool things

Name: El Rompecabezas Thesis Installation
Languages: Javascript
Tools: Max/MSP
Location: The Chelsea Art Museum, New York (May 31 - June 9, 2007)

Description: El Rompecabezas consists of a tabletop interactive video puzzle. The user faces a screen with a live feed video of himself or herself, which is split into pieces and scattered randomly across the screen. He or she must assemble the pieces back together, but with every piece that is put into place, the original image gets more and more distorted. By the time the user has assembled the last piece, what is displayed is a new and completely altered image from the one at the beginning.

Name: Making Wireless Toys
Tools: physical computing equipment, magnetics switches, wireless circuits, fabrics, cottom, sewing equipment

Description: During this course, came up with different concepts to build commerciable electronic plushie toys from scratch. Used technologies such as magnetic switches, RFID chips, and wireless transmitters. The photo displays 2 pac-man ghosts whose eyes glow when a magnetic switch is in close range.

Name: Mobile Game Mosh Competition
Tools: Game Maker
Location: Parsons School of Design, New York (March 11, 2005)
Award: Best Visual Design

Description: 24 hours to design and create a fully working video game intended for mobile phones. 11 teams competing. Lots of stress, food, and Red Bull.
Team Name: Oh My Mosh!
Team Position: Programmer

Name: Dismembered Robot
Tools: physical computing equipment, servos, hacked nintendo controllers, etc

Description: The project 'Dismembered Robot' consists of an exploration on the functionality of different computational parts acting independently from one another, but at the same time joined as a whole. The end effect is various robotic parts simulating an actual dismembered robot, or to be more accurate, a dismembered android.

Name: Abstract Clock
Tools: Processing

Description: Built an abstract clock by using Processing, "an open source programming language and environment for people who want to create images, animations, and interactions". From top to bottom, the rows represent hours, minutes, and seconds.

Name: Robot in NY
Tools: After Effects
Location: Financial District, New York (November 8, 2005)

Description: After being asked to observe, analyze, and alter any space that surrounds us, our team decided to create a robot character that would wonder, walk, and even dance around the financial district. The result was a beautiful video consisting of multiple reactions ranging from indifference and apathy to compassion, good will, and love.

Name: Project S.I.U.L.
Tools: After Effects
Location: San Juan, PR

Description: Star Wars fanfiction clip. Assisted in the process of animating the lightsabers using rotoscoping and masking techniques. Note: This video contains elements from the Star Wars movies and soundtracks. The owners and creators of this video do not intend to commercialize it in any way, and it is merely for entertainment purposes.